Results of the questionnaire – 2020

Textual response

T_Listen. Comments on listening

4Legs Radio Survey 2020 – T_Listen. Comments on listening
I often either present or contribute to show or promote then through Penny Post (and word of mouth)
I am not a regular listener as it depends upon what I am doing that day but I will listen when I am at home using ipad
I usually listen on an iPhone which has a Bluetooth connection to wireless headphones.
i love it

T_Connect. Comments on connecting

4Legs Radio Survey 2020 – T_Connect. Comments on connecting
its a shame I dont have connection in my car as I would be listening more regularly

T_Progs. Comments on programmes

4Legs Radio Survey 2020 – T_Progs. Comments on programmes
As it’s a community radio station I think the broadcast of local news and local items of interest is very important. I also believe the radio station should give a voice to younger people to include children
I’d qualify the ‘national news’ question only to say that it’s clearly not 4LEGS’ main focus: but I think that the way the many features, interviews and programmes refer to this, in a variety of ways, would be difficult to better.
all good

T_Web. Comments on website

4Legs Radio Survey 2020 – T_Web. Comments on website
Perhaps the website should more information on local activities
I sometimes have problems initially connecting with my iPhone 11, and previously iPhone 7. My laptop and iPad connect without a problem, which is strange!
Ive never used the website hence my responses below
good for accessing programmes and reading news

T_Part. Comments on participation

4Legs Radio Survey 2020 – T_Part. Comments on participation
busy enough!

T_Sponsor. Comments on sponsorship

4Legs Radio Survey 2020 – T_Sponsor. Comments on sponsorship
I think Penny Post is in many ways a sponsor,
We supported 4Legs through the Lambourn Festival Committee
My only issue regarding sponsorship is that I am not a business so funding is limited but I will support financially to an extent to help the station
I have ticked would be a sponser but probably more appropriate is supporter

T_Id. Comments in general

4Legs Radio Survey 2020 – T_Id. Comments in general
I would like to see broadcasting extended to a full day on Saturday’s e.g. 9pm – 6pm and increase broadcasting hours on Friday’s from 4.30pm – 6pm
As previously mentioned I would like younger people to have a voice. I would also like the opportunity to discuss / debate issues of local importance by phone live on air.
keep up the good work!
Loved the requestathon and hearing why people choose certain tracks
Would love to hear people views so call in debates would be great ,I listen to radio 5 and they do this very well
Be good to hear local people of interest do a desert island disc type thing to get to know them more ..
I would suggest more music that is targeted towards younger people (i.e. people in their 20s & 30s) and perhaps some more shows/topics for a younger audience. However, this may not fit with your typical audience demographics.
I am now aware that the station is having younger presenters which would have been my point. this is great.
I would like to understand more about the age profile and listening habits from your survey.
one of the key issues will be internet access and response. my experience is it works well in the house and to some extent a few metres into the garden but looses connection easily. it was great when i did have a system in the car but unfortunately not a priority now as im not working and thus driving the miles I did.
I really enjoy the interviews with local people. And the choice of music.
I don’t live locally, but I love listening to Tim and Linda Forrester’s programme. I feel as though I am sitting in their
sitting room and chatting with them. The pieces of news which they discuss, and the artists they recall are fascinating.
The music is so varied and refreshing. I really look forward to their programmes every week, although I rarely listen to
them live!
There is a good balance of talk and music. The music choices are well chosen. Maybe more information on local traffic problems And local weather as a suggestion. More updates and information on cultural and sporting local events, especially in the time of Covid. The guests are always interesting. The conversations between presenters are very entertaining.
would like more topical debates especially as to how they may affect the valley
When Pete’s finished with the ‘Best of the Rest’ series, a few shows featuring ‘One Hit Wonders’ would be good.
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